Johanna, 15 y/o weird chick. Likes cosy indie music and tv-series.

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「千と千尋の神隠し ::  Spirited Away」
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“There was no sort of particular security and one of our assistants told us that there was this strange guy…that was just staying in our gardens almost every night. 
John always felt responsible for these people because they were the result of his songs. That’s how he felt.” - Yoko Ono.

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"You could almost be forgiven for thinking ‘Good Night’ was mine, because it’s so soft and melodic and so un-John. I believe John wrote this as a lullaby for Julian, and it was a very beautiful song that Ringo ended up singing to the accompaniment of a big string orchestra. I think John felt it might not be good for his image for him to sing it but it was fabulous to hear him do it, he sang it great. We heard him sing it in order to teach it to Ringo and he sang it very tenderly. John rarely showed his tender side, but my key memories of John are when he was tender, that’s what has remained with me; those moments where he showed himself to be a very generous, loving person. I always cite that song as an example of the John beneath the surface that we only saw occasionally. I think that was what made us love John, otherwise he could be unbearable and he could be quite cruel. Now that I’m older, I realise that his hostility was a cover-up for the vulnerability that he felt, and if you look at his family history it’s easy to see why. But this is an example of that tender side. I don’t think John’s version was ever recorded."  - Paul McCartney
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In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own...
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Make Love, Not War: Collages by Mister Blick
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Beautiful Papercraft by Elly MacKay
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Was playing around with my camera and some broken glass, and I captured this. (OC)

this is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen
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♪ “It’s Johnny’s birthday! And we would like to wish him all the very best!” ♫

↳ Happy Birthday, John Winston Ono Lennon! ♡

 ↝ October 9, 1940, at 6:30 pm in the afternoon in Liverpool, England a baby boy named John Winston Lennon was brought to the world. Today, we celebrate his birthday. John was and will forever be one of the most important people in music history. He along with his band mates changed the meaning of music with pure talent. John is physically no longer with us but will always be remembered, loved, and celebrated for centuries to come. Happy Birthday Johnny boy. I love you, always.↜
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